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Always be Energetic

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Catching Pokémon during the game to level up fast is something that every player is looking out for. Of course, you need to always be energetic in the game. In order to avoid the challenges in the game, many players buy Pokémon Go accounts to ease the game.

Of course, when you decide to buy Pokémon Go accounts you get everything in advance to start at a higher level, but there are some players who have enough time to spend and face the challenges in the game.

If you think catching Pokémon would help you increase the level in the game, you are right, but that takes some time too. You need to capture 180 Pidgeys before you could evolve 60 Pokémon at a time. That can take a long time isn’t. Let us have a look how you can avoid such a time consuming situation in the game.

Keep your phone screen on and your app open wherever you are going around. If Pokémon Go is not present on your screen, you won’t get the vibrating sound from your phone when you find a Pokémon and the game will not be able to monitor the steps taken to hatch an egg.

Make sure you plan the route you will be walking through. This will help you pass most of the Pokestops. Now you can view your screen to find where they are located.  Make sure you try to catch every Pokémon and do not waste any Pokeballs. You will have an incubator with you always. Make sure you keep the egg inside the incubator so you simply avoid wasting any steps.

It is always better to select buddy Pokémon so that you earn a candy for your pocket monster you like. Make sure you do not catch any Pokémon while the game shows a loading sign as it might end up crashing the game.

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