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Block and Control Computers with Spying Software

Block and Control Computers with Spying Software

There are several kinds of spying applications in the market. They can be installed in computers, laptops and even phones. Once installed, the device will come under your control, the extent of which is dependent on the application being used. If you want to get complete control, you will have to make sure that the software has the following features.

Block Sites

This is one of the most common features available in monitoring software used to espionner un portable. With the help of this feature, you will be able to prevent certain sites from being accessed by the user. If the user wants to access them, you will have to be contacted since you will be the administrator.

Block Applications

This feature will allow you to block certain applications in the computer or espionnage telephone. This is can be the games installed in the computer or the word processing software among others. With such a feature in the software, you do gain a greater degree of control in how the software is being used.

Scheduling Usability Times

Many spying applications give you the ability to schedule specific times during which the internet can be used. The times can be scheduled by the hour and, in some cases, by the hour. However, there are also applications that go one step further and allow you to schedule the times during which the computer will be accessible.

Remote Monitor and Control

Another excellent feature found in certain spying applications is remote monitor. With this feature, you can perform various actions on the computer without accessing it physically. You can block and unblock certain applications and sites remotely. More importantly, you can even restart or shut down the computer completely.

As you can see, there are several features which allow you to control the target laptop or computer. As such, check if you are getting them in the logiciel espion you are buying.